Modern Methods to Manage Human Resources [Archives:1998/18/Business & Economy]

May 4 1998

Supervised by the Arab Academy for Financial and Banking Sciences, a training seminar is being held in Sanaa between April 25th and May 6th. The American Banks association and the Central Bank of Yemen, as a part of The Financial and Banking Training Institute, have both contributed to organizing this seminar.

With the participation of officials from the human resources administrations in several Arab banks, the seminar aims to apply the modern methods that must be used in the management of human resources. It highlights the important and effective role that the human resources management plays in banks and other establishments. Officials in the seminar will discuss the problems that disrupt their work and the suitable solutions to avoid such problems.
In addition, re-systematizing the establishments’ management, branches, departments, and units is an issue which takes a wide discussion in the seminar.

What is more important is that the seminar treats the main fundamentals according to which a worker can be employed, whether according to his qualifications or to his experience. In this respect, officials put plans to train these employees in order to improve the work in their corporations.
Moreover, the officials are discussing the means of doing better work by which more interests and strong financial positions can be achieved.
The next thing to be discussed in the seminar is evaluating the work. They might evaluate it by estimating the employees’ qualifications and their abilities to do the work. But, all agree that in order to achieve better work more promotions and incentives must be given to these employees.
Doa Taha