Modern poetry:Cruelty vs. mercy, justice vs oppression [Archives:2004/780/Culture]

October 11 2004

Alawi Abdulla Abu Bakir Taha
[email protected]
United Kingdom

Have you forgotten the power of Allah the All Mighty?
For He only has to say, 'BE' and it shall be
Then what's this? Do you think that a wall can assure you safety?
With your own eyes you shall see that this wall will divide itself into three
Like Musa (Moses) peace be upon him who divided the sea
Only because Allah said, “use your staff, and it shall BE!'
And the Children of Israel walked through the great ocean in safety
And for who? For your fore-fathers who were living in slavery
Away he took you from Pharaoh's cruelty
Into the light of Allah the All Mighty
But you forgot and so you became the children of Israel, for the world to see
By He who gave me life! He or she that disobeys Allah the All Mighty
Shall find no peace until they live with truth
But even when the years have passed and again you were hungry
Even when you were thrown out of every country
Even then, O children of Israel
Muslims let you live amongst them and so it be
Allah the All Mighty showered you again with His mercy
By each breath that I breathe
By the scars on these knees
By the whispering of these trees
That say, “Ah! Servant of Allah, we love all these
For nothing is sweeter
Than witnessing a believer
Who holds strong and steadfast to the rope of Allah”
By the new stars that are born
By the martyrs that rest like lanterns on Allah's (SWT) throne
By the Angel that will sound the trumpet, a time for men unknown
No one, not even you can postpone
The Great Day of Judgement but still you do not atone?
By the night and the turning of the day
By the beauty in a believer…in his and her submission to pray
For Allah the All Mighty to forgive and show them the way
So they are not lead astray
No tank, no bullet, no power shall avail you on that day!
Let every believer heed my words, take warning on what I say
Let not your faith be shaken for today is their day
Ours shall be when Allah wants it His way
Sweet, sweet brothers and sisters in Islam, O Ummah!
And it shall Insha-Allah be on this Earth and the Hereafter!
Where the Angels shall drag with many chains to display
Hell fire and the disbelievers power shall decay
They shall stand before Our Lord whom they constantly betray
And the crimes they have committed on that great Day
If ever they say it is about Jews or Muslim
Say: Praise be to Allah, take heed in the words you say
Open your eyes and see the suffering our Ummah readily display
The death of our children, our mothers, brothers that are killed every day
The homes and our lands do they take away
And you say its, ” because they are Jews” is that why you think we are angry? Is that what you say?
It is do with all that we lost and the pain we suffer, here are the tears we display
Here are the scars and our world that's torn asunder and our world in disarray
Our homes bull dozed and we wonder whom will they choose today
And the media makes the world blind and their hearts sway
To believe that it's about terrorism
What do they want of us? Say nothing, be killed and put our hearts on a silver tray?