Modern study mentions,Technical cheating spreads in Yemeni market [Archives:2005/839/Business & Economy]

May 5 2005

A study specialized in marketing affairs emphasized that technical swindling is increasing in the Yemeni market through influx of expired commodities and smuggled goods which are not abiding by national specifications and standardization, especially regarding technical cheating. This is mainly related to electronics and electrical apparatuses. The study focused that those goods are among the most widespread commodities in Yemeni markets and have great influence on consumer, tradesman, environment and the national economy.

The study also mentioned that technical cheating constituted as one of the most wide-spread phenomena that accompany the international trade movement and its impact noticeably appears at markets where there is low levels of monitoring on quality of goods incoming across borders. A well as to constitute material burden on Yemeni consumer who has become victim to the trade of electronic and electric goods.

The study has also disclosed that phenomena of trade swindling emerges mainly in citizens' complaints about expensive and costing malfunctions occurring to apparatuses and their accessories, such as computers, typewriters, facsimiles, telephone sets, cameras, recorders, television sets, TV receivers and others. The study also disclosed that prices of those tools and appliances are very high compared to costs of buying the same types of those apparatuses. The major problem, the study says, is in the accessories of computers of such printers. One finds in the market certain types of printers at price of around $200 to 250, but after a short while of using the printer it is malfunctioned. Nevertheless, this is not the sole problem, it is mainly in the price of spare parts to be replaced and that costs between $ 105 to 200, which is expensive compared to the price of the printer itself. This situation mostly pushes the consumer to buy a new printer instead of repairing the previous one.

Cheating in the trade of electronics and electrical apparatuses has become very clear and includes TV dishes and receivers that the market contains tens of their types, very little of them are commercially known and for most of them, the country of origin is unknown.

The study considered that a reason behind this cheating is mainly the openness of Yemeni markets, which is considered among the main markets in the region where commercial cheating is apparent. It includes all commodities demanded in the market, mainly electronics and electric apparatuses.