Modern technology and mankind [Archives:2004/782/Culture]

October 18 2004

By Mohammed Al-Homaidi
For the Yemen Times

All people know technology. This is not confined to technology knowledge. We all know it when using computers, especially, modern technology, such as the Internet.
In the world of today, we have things for which past generations longed for in vain. We have things that protect us from the ignorance and lack of knowledge that made primitive men afraid. We know how scientists now bring forth harvest that were never seen before, and because of new technologies, the products of the whole earth can be enjoyed everywhere.
In a world faced by proliferation of anti-life technologies and conscious of the impending dangers of modern technology, it has become imperative for a global awakening and calls for concern from eminent world leaders, activists, voluntary agencies and organizations such as the UN.
Without doubt, science and technology have contributed greatly to the advancement of the human race and helped to change the way we live from obscurity to the computer era. In other ways, emerging technology has posed a considerable threat to the existence and survival of mankind.
In recent times, technology has encouraged the production of weapons of holocaustic nature and scientists in their quest to conquer nature have evolved various concepts including the concept of human cloning. These pose a big challenge to the previous meaning and principle of humanity. In this regard, students have an active and urgent role to play in determining the relationship between man and technology- if technology is for progress or for destruction. Since students and scientists are at the focal point of it all.
Nevertheless, man is already engulfed in some kind of identity crisis, which will be exacerbated by human cloning further. With this idea of cloning, family values and tradition are going to be eroded thereby breaking the strong bond that links man in our communities. In this way peace will be elusive since the first constitution in every society is the family. This is a great threat to the Islamic values and sacred nature of human life.
Students and scientists are at the delivery of new technologies and therefore determine the trend for emerging technologies. It is important that they use the role positively as pro-life advocates and demonstrate the value of human life in their work. No tool or piece of knowledge has an innate moral context. With the increasing adversities of technology economic, industrial development will be impeded and sustainable world peace will continue to elude humanity.
In a word, the civilization of the modern technology and mankind helped in the advance of the modern world in all the fields of life. And as for technology, the nature of the future battle will be complicated by the rate at which technology changes our lives.