Modern technology for solving services confusion [Archives:2003/654/Business & Economy]

July 28 2003

The Higher Council for Civil Service has approved finalizing legal procedures of contracting a company for importing system of bio-imprint and image based on the latest technology in this field. The modern system is expected to modernize civil service system and rectify administrative disturbances by revealing cases of employees occupying more than one job and to help establish justice and equality among all employees in government and institutions and bodies. The system would help civil service institutions discover cases of dual jobs that are not performed by certain employees but getting salaries for them.
The Council has also given a push to government apparatuses to enter in a state of competition and increase production and improve conditions of and performance of their employees.
The Council has approved the creation of a prize for the program of modernization in developing civil service for e distinguished performance. The distinguished administrative unit, the distinguished director and the ideal employee shall be granted the award, based on competition. The project aims at motivating administrative units to innovation, distinguishing and commitment, accuracy in performance and full dedication in serving the citizens.
It is scheduled that the civil service would complete the third stage of its program of the administrative and financial reform due to be implemented in the period 2004-2005 with the aim of developing human resources in all governorates.
Those interested and concerned with affairs of administrative reform remark that criterion of impetus to create the spirit of initiation and competition among government institutions would lead to curb the degree of administrative and financial corruption and create transparency among official bodies if the new procedures have been implemented without mediations and nepotism at the expense of wok and public interest.