Modern technology in Islamic education [Archives:2005/903/Local News]

December 15 2005

SANA'A, Dec. 14)For the first time in a Yemeni public school, modern technology has been adopted in regular educational Islamic classes. The current trend is for teachers to educate pupils using conventional techniques, mostly Quranic recitation with students repeating after the teacher. Teacher Ahmed Hussein Al-Dhawahri of Al-Mua'tasim High School for Boys has broken this norm. The Islamic studies teacher has established a modern laboratory equipped with computers, projectors, televisions, video recorders and a small electronic library. Top Ministry of Education officials inaugurated this laboratory as a pilot project last week. It aims to encourage students to learn and attracts them to Islamic and Quranic studies through videos, DVDs and other interactive software programs.

School principal Khaled Abdu Jubarah said this project marks a turning point in Islamic education and he hopes it will enhance students' level of achievement.

Al-Mua'tasim High School is one of the capital's prominent public schools. It provides co-education until ninth grade and secondary education for boys. It is the first school in which a teacher has adopted such a project on his own and the first to adopt modern technology in Islamic education.