Mohamed Salim Alzagair and his wife murder case [Archives:2005/849/Local News]

June 9 2005

The South West Primary Court in Sana'a is expected to resume its sitting in the case of Alzagair and his wife, who were murdered on Monday 06/12/04

This Mysterious case in which their daughter Basma, an 18 year old university student is facing trial with the accusation of murdering them

This is a public opinion case, because all who knew Al- Zagair's family are of the opinion that Basma is innocent for the following :

-Basma's well known love for her father , and she is his only spoiled child

-Basma couldn't use fire arms

-Bsama is happy and joyful in her life and likes fun

The mysterious case aroused the doubts of vintage lawyers, who blame the attorney and the security for the legal gaps, though they are all in favor of Basma

he strange reaction of Al-Zagair's family, who seemed to be happy as if they were expecting this matter to seize the bequest, especially Mohammed Salim Al-Zagair, despite his young age, compared to other competitors has succeeded, in spite of his independence on his family unlike the others.

As for Basam, who is the only beneficiary, has stayed for three months in one of Sana'a's hotel, with his Egyptian mother, to be near Basma. They used to visit her three times a week to provide all her needs, contrary to her father's family.

In spite of the attorney and court's decision to hand Basam over his father's house and office, the attorney has done nothing to prevent the unknown intruders who entered the house, more over it legalized their action by protecting those intruders and deprived the hirer of his legal rights.

The case has been delayed because a petition has been introduced against the criminal court judge by Al- Zagair's family together with their lawyer Abdulaziz Al-Samawi. It stated that he has not ruled from the beginning. The appeal court accepted it though it was not signed .This is contrary to the law. The head of the appeal court has ordered the judge of south court, who apologized for his family relations with the lawyer of Nawal Hassan Osman.

Two months later the head of the appeal court ordered the personal judge to rule in the case.

The two lawyers of Basma expressed their distress of the agreement of the appeal court for accepting the removal of the judge, as they think it is a judicial antecedent that endangers the future of the whole Yemeni Judiciary System. Some think that it is necessary to report to the Inspection Unit against judge Hamoud Al-haradi, head of the appeal court. It is strange that the murderer is still hiding, because the attorney is convinced that the daughter is the real killer. It is clear to all, that the real murderer is the one who ordered the armed break into the house and office. It is also he, who stopped Basma's monthly bursary . He must be one of Mohamed Salim Al- zagair's relatives.

A gratitude to all who showed solidarity and support with Amina Al-tihaif and Fatima Badi.

On behalf of my clients, I thank all those who offered their support to my clients Amina Al- tihaif and Fatima Hussien Badi.. On top of these are:

1-Amnesty International , in particular Dr. Amri Sherif and Usaz/Jiat

2- All Yemenis in America and Britain, all journalists and Human rights Activists in France, Spain, London, Yemen, and Yemeni newspapers especially Altarig and Yemen Times

I thank them for their noble stance, and I'd like to assure them that I'm still following Al-tihaif's case which is still in the Attorney General's office for further study. I also thank Amnesty International for its appeal for Fatima Hassan Thabit Badi

By the way, Amina is now earning her living in her prison. I gave a present to her son Nasar( a bicycle) and Amina hires the bicycle to the other inmate's children when Nasar leaves it.Of course their inmate mothers pay for the rent of the bicycle. In my next visit I will think of another appropriate present for Amina and Nasar to pass their time in a better way, and with more income.