Mohammed Al-Baadany, former boxer, member of the federation [Archives:2000/27/Sports]

July 3 2000

Although I am a member of the Federation, I entirely agree with what the boxers said about the irresponsible treatment by the Federation. In my opinion, the participation of our team for the first time and their excellent performance against able boxers is an achievement in itself. They achieved the 3rd place among 6 participating countries and this is good if we take into consideration their poor experience and the short period of training they underwent. Add to this the fact that they had to finalize all administrative procedures by themselves which were supposed to be completed by the Federation. In fact, I expected that our boxers would fall by knockouts in the first rounds. However, their performance gave an encouraging account of boxing in Yemen. I am sure that if they are given their due attention they will achieve better positions in the future.
To conclude, we hope that Dr. Abdul Wahab Raweh, Minister of Youths and Sports will review the condition of the Boxing Federation and try to set things right.
Jamal Al-Awadhi