Mohammed Sadeq al-Udaini’s Family Attacked [Archives:2000/33/Local News]

August 14 2000

An armed group affiliated to security authorities in al-Udain district attacked last Friday journalist Mohammed Sadeq al-Udaini’s house, seriously injuring his uncle Rashad Abdullah Yahya, 33.
In a report issued by the YJS addressed to the interior minister Mohammed Husain Arab, it strongly condemned the aggressive attack in which machine-guns were used against al-Udaini’s defenseless family aiming at abducting his father. The report also condemned that atmosphere of fear that the armed group has created in the area.
When the syndicate inquired about the matter with the security authority in the district, the reply was “There was some misunderstanding which we will try to settle down.”
The syndicate urged official authorities to reinstate al-Udaini for what has befallen him and to hold the attackers responsible for their acts.
Worth noting that al-Udaini had already spent two years in jail in the Central Prison of Ibb on a murder charge. However, the governor of Ibb interfered personally to release him.