Mokhtar Hamid Seif Appointed Coach of National Karate Team [Archives:1998/16/Sports]

April 20 1998

The Yemeni Karate Association has appointed Mr. Mokhtar Hamid Seif as coach of the Yemeni Karate team. He is to prepare for the team’s participation in the International Karate Championship, which will be according to I.T.K.F system.
Mr. Mokhtar Hamid Seif told Yemen Times: “This participation is considered to be very important during 1998. This system is the real part of the Japanese karate school. Our team’s performance will be effective because the players are participating in a training course on this system and a refereeing course as well.”

Mr. Mokhtar expressed his sorrow because the Ministry of Youth and sports apologized for not funding the team. The Egyptian side will bear the Yemeni team’s accommodation expenses. Also, the national team will be given a 50% discount by Egypt Air.
The Karate Association is seeking the support of the private sector in this important participation to promote karate in Yemen.

Mr. Seif got a 4-Dan degree in karate last year. He is considered one of the most experienced referees in Yemen. He is also the editor of the Karate World Magazine, the latest issue of which was published last month. The Yemeni and Arab karate associations consider this magazine as the first of its kind in the Arab world.