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July 13 1998

By Mohammed Mahmoud Al-Zobairi
I feel the winds of Paradise
soon rhymes are stirring,
This one slips away,
another departs in despair;
I scatter them across the world,
for when they touch my soul
I pour into my poems
to people the world with nations.
dazed yet caring and joyful,
Had I not known these symptoms
blowing through the depths of my soul;
ant-like in my mind.
that one submits responding,
now this one’s promising.
in their fragrant innocence;
and I am deeply moved,
the essence of all dreams,
I surrender to my rhymes,
as I listen in peace or anger.
of genius, I’d rush to a doctor.
Mohammed Mahmoud Al-Zobairi (1909 – 1964) was born in Sanaa; studied at religious schools and then at the University of Cairo. He returned to Yemen after the 1962 revolution and became Minister of Education and member of the Executive Council. Al-Zobairi was killed by royalist forces in 1964 and has since been regarded as one of Yemen’s martyrs. Several collections of his classical poetry were published.