Moral deterioration continues [Archives:2003/655/Culture]

July 31 2003

By AbdulWahab.A.Al-Sofi
[email protected]

Deterioration is a curse that our country is inflicted with. No one can deny this truth as we are still struggling for survival as long as our honorable, devoted officials are still there. On the other hand, the moral deterioration is poison blended with human blood. Moralities are nation's survival and vice versa. In our society some families started to be ruptured. Parents cannot closely watch their daughters at the teenager age. In the morning, they go about to provide livelihood for the family and in the evening they chew qat to forget about their troubles. Aftermath, daughters slide into quagmire of vile companions. Parents have extremely loosened the rope to their daughters. I think we exaggerate giving women a liberty to leave their home. Freedom is something good, but excessive freedom spoils women especially in nowadays-polluted atmosphere. Some satellite TV channels contribute to show bad programmes openly. Moreover, poverty helps worsen the situation.
Streets and marketplaces crowded with girls wearing their black gowns and veils as if they were cattle of goats. These things are only an outwardly appearance while they are attracting youth's attention using their eyes. They are even more attractive than those with unveiled faces. They catch spiritual illness. The most worthy to mention is that bad behavior mostly observed to be practiced by secondary school girls. So many female students deviated and became sexually abnormal. Unfortunately, some female teachers share to spoil girls by pushing them to have mixed picnics outside of their schools. They also invite students to present an entertaining dancing party. I have noticed that while I was teaching in at a school for girls. Some students who have boyfriends used to go outside the city and come back at the time of school leaving. Teachers in girl's schools must enjoy high moralities and ethics to be promoted to defend our daughters. Female teachers are responsible for safeguarding our girls especially during school hours. Educational office must bear a heavy responsibility and provide complete care for girl's school. Girls at this age pass through adulthood and teenage. That is considered as being an embarrassing period. Parents should watch their daughters constantly at this critical stage of age. They must not be controlled by chewing qat. There are many factors, which help spread adultery crime. One of these, telecommunication centers are scattered everywhere. They are only occupied by attractive beautiful girls. In addition to that, some girls now are used to advertisement in some companies. They are tempted by giving huge salary. We live an actual calamity in which girls are pushed into prostitution. People coming from neighboring countries must have good impression. They see what we are unable to see and notice. They contract temporary marriages. They find an open cheap market in which they relish however they want. Some of them marry for one month only. Some others take it easy and use luxury cars in crowded streets to behave as usual. What's so regretting is that some local officials help them. This whets our spirit. Therefore I appeal to parents, brothers, uncles, etc to facilitate marriage. Please my fathers, brothers, uncles, decrease the dowry as possible as it would be. I invoke Allah to inspire you encouraging marriage by hook or crook. You knew the percentage of procreating is currently four girls to a boy. It is not shame that parents look for bridegrooms for their daughters. I also ask girls who want to marry to be zealous for marriage. You don't ruin your hopes with mere fantasy despair. Youth are waiting for you in case breaking the bad traditions. The shame is that parents neglect daughters so as their arbiter is what we hear and see time and again such as ravishing and adultery crime. Marriage is better than sorry, isn't it?