More German Assistance to Health Care in Yemen [Archives:1998/15/Health]

April 13 1998

As part of the great friendship and cooperation between the German and Yemeni people, the military hospitals in Yemen have received a lot of assistance and attention from the German side. Their humanitarian assistance emanates from their keenness to see that Yemeni citizens are enjoying good health in order to be active participants in the development process.

The General Military Hospital in Sanaa is considered the a place for advanced medical care. It has received a lot of assistance from Germany, in terms of diagnostic and therapy facilities and equipment as well as the training of doctors and other medical staff in Germany.
This well-equipped hospital has saved many Yemeni patients a lot of expenses that are normally incurred when traveling abroad for medical treatment. For example, the General Military Hospital in Sanaa now has a CT Scanner, an MSR, breast cancer diagnosis equipment, and other very important medical equipment.

The German side also equipped the Ba-Sohaib Military Hospital with surgery facilities and the almost fully equipped the Mareb Hospital. This valuable German assistance has enabled these military hospitals to provide better health care, considering that 75% of their patients are actually civilians.
The constant cooperation and coordination with the German Ambassador in Sanaa has made many projects come to full fruition, reflected in the positive development in medical care provided by these military hospitals.

Other forms of coordination are conducted through the exchange of visits by medical delegations from both sides to discuss the best possible means to utilize the aids and facilities provided by Germany. The German side also contributed to establishing a nucleus for a medical workshop at the Military Hospital in Sanaa to provide maintenance for the medical equipment.
Patients visiting the Military Hospital always come out with a great impression of the extent of the help provided by Germany. The doctors are also ever so grateful for the modern and superior medical equipment provided by Germany. They feel that this assistance was taken from the German people’s savings to be given to the Yemeni people as a token of friendship.
Staff Brigadier Ali M. N. Nassr,
Deputy Director of Medical Services,
General Military Hospital