More meetings soonSana’a Grouping states strengthen ties [Archives:2004/800/Business & Economy]

December 20 2004

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
Yemen is endeavoring to enhance and consolidate its economic and political relations with Sana'a Grouping states (Yemen, Sudan and Ethiopia) to help increase stability and development in the region.
Meetings of the Yemeni-Sudanese-Ethiopian economic, cultural joint committee will convene soon, will work for drawing up perceptions for upgrading and developing bilateral relations and open a market to economic growth and consolidation and trade.
The sources indicated to the significance the meeting acquires in the economic side, taking into consideration that this is the age of economic groupings.
Rapprochement and economic integration between Yemen and Sudan and Ethiopia is important to face economic challenges the world policy tending towards the free market economy and extension of strong bridges of economic partnership among the three countries.
The sources also confirmed that continuation of meetings contributes to enhance economic and historical relations that group the peoples of the three countries.
The joint committee had held its latest meeting in Sana'a where it had reviewed the committee's future activities in addition to bases and proposals for some joint venture projects.
Those projects include the construction of a navigation company for marine transport serving mercantile transportation movement between them.
Another of the proposals was the establishment of a tripartite council for businessmen in association with the three countries ministries of trade in order to estimate the trade and industry of dairies, and that of tanning and leather as well as the establishment of a council specialized in trade of cereals and the insurance industry that are considered of the important and vital topics.
The tripartite grouping considers itself open to the region's countries for coordination among themselves regarding regional efforts aimed at consolidation of economic and trade partnership in the Horn of Africa region and the south of the Red Sea.