More militants arrested [Archives:2003/655/Front Page]

July 31 2003

Aden, 29 July – Four militants of the Aden-Abyan Islamic Army (AAIA) were arrested last week in the continued hunt down against the militants in some areas in Abyan, Lahj, and other governorates, a Yemeni official source announced last Sunday. The four militants were arrested in an area nearby Abyan governorate as the government's forces continued their campaign to arrest the rest of the group who escaped the military operation against its members late June. The number of the arrested militants rose to 31 while those who were killed in the military operation are 6 persons. The government forces battled the militants in Huttat after they attacked a military medical convoy in the area.
The minister of interior Dr. Rashad al-Alimi announced mid July that the number of the group is 64 militants and that security forces are still hunting down to arrest the 28 elements of those who could escape to rugged and mountainous areas.
This comes in a time Yemeni police stepped up security around the German and US embassies in Sanaa fearing violent reaction to the German court's ruling last week concerning Sheikh Al-Mouyad. Streets around the two embassies were sealed off and police patrols were deployed in the vicinity of the two compounds for more protection.