More Reactions to the Unification’s 11th Anniversary from Aden [Archives:2001/22/Reportage]

May 28 2001

Yemen Times received more reactions from Aden on the 11th anniversary celebrations of the blessed 22 May unification. Ridwhan Al-Saqqaf filed some statements of businessmen and intellectuals on the occasion:
Mohamed Ali Al-Isa’i, businessman and administrative manager of the Isa’i Modern Company for Refreshments
“As we celebrate the 11th anniversary of the blessed Yemeni unification day on May 22, we have yet another reason for us, Al Isa’i, to celebrate and that is the return of our factory after 30 ears of nationalization. The return of Canada Dry to its rightful owners at the hands of H.E. President Ali Abdullah Saleh has brought us more joy and appreciation.
We have been following closely the progress and developments that are on the increase in Yemen since unification. I could frankly tell you that the attention the political leadership has been giving to national investments and the continuous calls to invest in Yemen by giving facilities and removing obstacles have played a significant role in having our investments revived. Those steps have also attracted a large number of Yemeni expatriates and foreigners to come back and invest in the Arabian Felix. Congratulations and regards to the political leadership and to the Yemeni people.
Dr. Tawfiq Mujahid, Aden University
“Yemen’s unification of 22 May 1990 has indeed resulted in a major milestone in the long history of Yemen as it has opened the way towards a new era of development and modernization. Unification has also established a multi-party system based on democracy and freedom of the press, which is mainly attributed to the efforts of H.,E. President Ali Abdullah Saleh, whose role has been undeniable in various projects and achievements.
The founding of the Republic of Yemen also opened a new stage for the southern and eastern governorates that lived for tens of years under a totalitarian regime. Best regards and congratulations to the political leadership and the people of Yemen.”

Naswhan Al-Shaabi, Aden Refinery
“On the happy occasion of the 11th anniversary of the day Yemeni people, led by President Ali Abdulla Saleh, became victorious by achieving unification, Nowadays we see achievements on various levels which we should be thankful for.
The 22 of May has brought happiness and joy and opened a new stage of development for the Yemeni people on local and international levels. This made us proud of the position we are occupying in the world today. I congratulate all the Yemeni people on this fabulous occasion.”

Mousa Qulaiqil, Deputy Executive Manager of Aden Refinery
“Today we celebrate the 11th national day of achieving Yemen’s unification on May 22, 1990. It coincides with numerous economic, political, social and sports accomplishments. May 22, 1990 opened a new era and the Yemeni unity was consolidated with blood in the 1994 war. It was a beginning towards development under leadership of President Ali Abdulla Saleh. Democracy, political pluralism, freedom of press, presidential elections and local council elections are the embodiment of those gains.
This year celebration is distinguished with participation of our brothers from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia led by Crown Prince His Highness Abdulla Bin Abdulaziz and his accompanying delegation of ministers and Emirs.
Throughout eleven years, Aden Refinery has been achieving many accomplishments by virtue of the care and attention paid by President Ali Abdulla Saleh. We hope that more gains will be achieved.”