More “reform” on the wayAl-Ahmer to request release of Zaidi clerics [Archives:2004/800/Front Page]

December 20 2004

Hassan Al-Zaidi
President Ali Abdullah Saleh will get a request to release the Zaidi clerics Moh'd Meftah and Yahya Al-Dailami, according to sources.
And, on behalf of Zaidi clerics, the request is to come from Sheik Abdullah Bin Hussein Al-Ahmer. He is to explain the story of their detention by the political security since this year's Sa'ada events.
The Zaidi clerics met with Sheik Al-Ahmer two weeks ago. Al-Ahmer pointed out that Sa'ada uprising shouldn't exceed the reasonable consequences and that wise people should look for unity.
This move of the Zaidi clerics came after the Attorney General decided to extend the detention of the two detainees for 45 days, saying it received some new information to prove their involvement in Al-Houthi's insurgency.
The Political Security confiscated a number of books from Meftah's house.
Meftah and Al-Dailami are considered the first personalities the Attorney General are interrogating before transferring them to court. This comes after Judge Luqman was sentenced to a ten-year imprisonment because of his support for Al-Houthi.
Abdulkarim Al-Khaiwani, Editor-in-chief of Al-Shura newspaper, was sentenced to a year imprisonment while Al-Shura Newspaper was suspended for six months because of its reporting on the Sa'ada insurgency.
At the same time, hundreds of youths are detained by the Political Security, blamed for being members of Believing Youth, an illegal group led by Al-Houthi, and who are known for their passions against the US and Israel.
In this respect, Judge Hamoud al-Hitar, member of the Higher Court and Head of Theological Dialogue Committee, declared last Thursday that another course for reforming extremists will start soon with 499 of Al-Houthi followers who have been arrested by the Political Security.