More Ships Come Into [Archives:1998/06/Local News]

February 9 1998

Aden Harbor
The total revenue achieved by the Transportation Office during 1997 in Aden was YR 1,168,448,000, as indicated by the office’s general director, Mr. Ahmed Abdulkader. “The total number of ships that entered the Aden harbor loaded with various types of cargo was 1,388 including large container ships,” announced Mr. Abdulkader. It is expected that the number will increase during this year. “The Transportation Office has intensified its efforts in order to improve the Aden harbor performance and prepare to receive giant ocean liners.” The office is also implementing a number of projects on the Island of Socotra. “The recently finished Socotra platform – 10,000-ton capacity – is already receiving local and foreign merchant ships,” declared Mr. Abdulkader. Work is already underway to strengthen the island’s airport with a runway 2,700m long. “The implementation of these projects comes as part of the government’s concern for developing the Island of Socotra, economically and socially.”