More technology neededWater projects continue [Archives:2004/798/Business & Economy]

December 13 2004

Various works on Yemen's water projects continues. Total allotments for waters in the budget of 2004 amounted to about YR 33 billion, of which YR 13 billion came from government funding and 20 billion from external funding.
In the year 2003, the allotments were about YR 28 billion.
Local installations have implemented a continued plan in repairing networks of waters and sewage and changing damaged networks.
According to studies and field reports, the water situation needs the use of more modern technology for raising efficiency.
The national strategy for investment in the water sector is geared to help Yemen achieve goals of the developmental millennium for the years 2004-2009.
A new strategy that is part of this, after being approved by the council of ministers, would reflect close cooperation of the partnership between the government and the private sector and the local society.
Waters networks have been expanded and the level of their services improved in urban areas and in some villages and countryside areas.
In 2003, 1,359 new projects were implemented in various countryside areas.
The amount of waters produced by local institutions for waters and sewage in the urban regions amounted to 114.5 million cubic meters, of which 21 million cubic meters were consumed by 3.7 million people.
The number of working wells were 282 in urban areas compared to 1,303 wells for drinking water in the rural areas.
Many works of water supplies and sewage services have been implemented in all major cities and most districts.
The more important of those were the rehabilitation and deepening of six wells in the capital secretariat to bring the number of productive wells to 68, producing 20.3 million cubic meters.
Also, there was the beginning of preparation and studies and designs for building a new processing station outside Sana'a basin.
There have been development and conveying of waters to the city of Taiz, and the digging of exploratory artesian wells in the suburbs of Taiz city, and geophysical surveys in search of new sources of waters.
There were also the digging of two artesian wells in the city of Turba and the building of water pipelines in the city of Mokha, and the completion of modernization of sewage networks in a number of districts of Aden governorates.
Work has been finished in completing the major works of the projects of waters and sewage in the two cities of Tarim and Amran and preparation of studies and designs for projects of the second phase in the towns of Fuah and Ghail Bawazir and the eastern part of Mukalla.
Feasibility studies have also been made for sewage projects in Seiyoun, Taiz, Tarim and Hudeida.