More than 1,000 emails since the attack against the USA Yemen Times Email Overwhelmed [Archives:2001/39/Local News]

September 24 2001

The Yemen Times has received well over 1,000 emails since the attack against the USA on September 11th. The emails were from hundreds of readers, American, Yemeni, as well as other nationalities.
More than 95% of the letters focused on the attack and wanted to bring their letters to the Yemeni public and government.
Interestingly, many of the letters expressed sorrow to the attacks against Muslims and Arabs in the USA and defended Islam calling it a religion of peace.
It is expected that this flow of emails and letters will continue throughout the coming weeks. Yemen Times will try to publish as many of those articles as it can. However, it apologizes to its readers that could not see their articles due to lack of space and time.