More Tribal Clashes in Sadd’a & Al-Baida [Archives:2000/21/Local News]

May 22 2000

Five people were killed and others injured in tribal clashes in Sadd’a and Al- Baida governorates, to the north and east of Sana’a.
Local sources in Al-Baida told Yemen Times that a group of people from A’al Aiash and A’al Riam engaged in a fighting two weeks ago using heavy weapons. Three persons from A’al Riam tribe were killed and other three injured. Security forces attribute the clashes to revenge.
In Sadd’a governorate, blasting of an artesian well last week caused renewal of fighting between Daham and Wailah tribes. Some sources in the governorate said two persons were killed and others injured in blasting the Daham-owned well.