Morgham: Yemen post is a continuous development various and distinguished services [Archives:2007/1075/Reportage]

August 9 2007
Eng. Mohammed Ali Morgham (Genaral Director)
Eng. Mohammed Ali Morgham (Genaral Director)
Building of Post
Building of Post
Interviewed by: Ismail Al-Ghabri
Post and Postal Saving Corp exerts exceptional efforts to provide quality service, aiming to keep pace with new developments in order to rival commercial banks. Currently, post offices are not only meant to send and receive mail, but also are places where all electronic and official services are offered.

Ismail Al-Ghabri from Yemen Times met with Mohammed Ali Morgham, General director of the Post and Postal Saving Corp, in order to get a closer look into the developments and services available through Morgham's agency.

YT: When was the Post and Postal Saving Corp established?

Post and Postal Saving Corp was established according to law No. 64 of 1991, which granted the authority the full right to provide all postal and financial services in Yemen.

YT: What are the services provided by your authority?

The authority provides different postal and financial services that fulfill the needs of the customers and state. We are working in upgrading and developing new services through a wide web linked together across the republic. The authority provides distinctive services including postal saving, money remittances, paying the salaries of the pensioners, collecting the bills of electricity, phones and water, sending and receiving posts and mails. We are always introducing new services to keep pace with the developments in this sector.

YT: How do you view the developments and the services provided?

Our authority tries to improve the quality of its services and in 1994 the authority constructed a web that links the general administration with all post offices across the republic and thus services can be provided fast within no time. Such a web helped facilitate the measures and contain the increasing number of customers.

YT: Since Yemen's unification, what are measures you followed to establish unified postal and financial services and what are the achievements?

In line with the new reality, we have tried to stretch our services to all areas across Yemen. Training centers were established in Sana'a and Aden to qualify employees to provide the best services to the clients.

The Ministry of Telecommunications, in collaboration with German experts, has undertaken technical studies for the authority's building and also established centers in different Yemeni areas to facilitate the exchange of information between them.

It also furnished these centers with the required equipment that ensures safe and regular work.

YT: Would you please brief us on the authority's expansion of activities?

Due to the increased activities of the authority, we worked on modernizing and increasing the volume of postal and financial services. The web was designed to contain any potential expansion and it holds all post offices together with electricity, telecommunications, water, etc. More than that, all transactions are made in safe ways.

YT: What is the percentage of profits given to depositors within the postal saving service in 2006?

The amounts granted to depositors during 2006 reached YR 801 million against YR 585 million distributed in 2005. The Saving Fund achieved a profit margin of 12.5 percent in 2006 after it was 12 percent in 2005.

The total number of deposits reached YR 14,653,219,537 during 2006, compared with YR 11,400,255,473 in 2005 and the total number of customer accounts rose to 266,657 with an increase of 23.23 percent.

Depositor balances rose to 26.29 percent in 2006 and the investments also reached 16.52 percent. Now, the total number of post offices reached 169. The authority also managed to receive around YR 1.2 billion in support from the state.

The authority will also launch ATM service by the last quarter of 2007.

How do you see your receiving of the Bronze Prize by Universal Postal Union?

Without doubt, receiving this prize is recognition of Yemeni post authority's achievements and a motive for further success in the future.

YT: Will there be new post stamps this year?

The supreme committee affiliated with the authority approved issuing seven new stamps and they will be distributed in markets soon. These stamps reflect the Yemeni environment and some archeological attractions.