Mother Appeals the Interior Minister to  Rescue Her Son from Torture [Archives:2000/13/Local News]

March 27 2000

The mother F. A. S, 65-year-old sent a letter to the Interior Minister, Hussein Mohammed Arab appealing to him to rescue her son from the barbaric torture that befalls him in one of the police Jails in Mansora- Aden. This young man was arrested on March 14th by the policemen near his house, located on Nagwa Makawi zone, in al-Mansora.
The mother mentioned that her son was forced to confess a theft charge. Her son has been subjected to various forms of severe torture like chaining him for 8 hours every day.
She added that she as well as his lawyer was prevented to see him. She appeals to the Interior Minister to release her son immediately, otherwise she will appeal human rights organizations inside and outside the country to save the life of her son.