Mother & daughter vs. neighborhood! [Archives:2004/768/Viewpoint]

August 30 2004

This is a story I heard from a friend lately and wanted to share with you.
It is about a mighty mother who is spoiling her daughter and ensuring that she gets all she wants, regardless of anything else. Whenever the daughter does wrong to others, instead of punishing or even showing disapproval of her actions, the mother keeps on praising and rewarding her.
The girl took some toys belonging to other children but instead of the mother taking those toys back to the rightful owners, she simply helped her daughter maintain possession of them. This has resulted in the emergence of stress between the daughter and the boy who is the owner of the toys. The boy, encouraged by others around him, has been told that as the toys are his, he should retain them either by patience or by fighting. The boy would seize the opportunity to harm the girl if she didn't have her mother by her side to defend her. On the other hand, the girl continues to behave selfishly and does actions that harm others, and such actions are beginning to cause the neighboring families to dislike the 'vicious' girl. But because her mother keeps on defending her, the girl keeps on regardless. Perhaps, the mother is the only one in the neighborhood that still loves the little 'naughty' girl.
With the mother's help and guidance, the girl starts to develop skills and construct harmful tools that cause injury to other children. She began using her tools to take over toys and belongings of other children, while no one could hold the girl accountable as her mother is always there to defend and justify her actions.
Taking into account the might and power of the mother, who is the neighborhood bodybuilding champion, no one dares to punish the daughter.
On the other hand, the mayor of the city is much weaker than the mother, so is the whole parents' council, whose strongest and most powerful member is this very mother. No one stands up to the mother and tells her that she should stop letting the girl get away with everything she does. Feeling empowered by this blind and unconditional motherly support, the girl starts making mockery out the whole neighborhood who are helplessly unable to stop her from doing whatever she likes.
The daughter begins to use harmful means that have caused injuries to other children, and in some cases, those kids have been hospitalized. Yet, the mother continues to stubbornly defend her daughter's actions, and criticizes anyone speaking ill of her. In fact, the mother herself, once beat up a number of children who had tried to approach and attack the girl. Those children were frustrated as they were punished severely by the mother, despite the objection of the parents' council and the mayor.
In almost every house in the neighborhood, hatred towards the mother has been steadily growing. In fact, the enmity of the whole neighborhood is directed more towards the mother than the daughter.
The gulf between the mother along with her daughter and the rest of the neighborhood has become the talk of town, and the mother is beginning to fear for her safety as more and more radical kids are emerging with a view to taking revenge on the mother or the daughter.
Despite all of this, the daughter continues to act violently and behaves irresponsibly in bullying other kids without caring about the relationship between her mother and the neighborhood. The daughter is crossing boundaries, and sometimes putting her mother in difficult situations, but the mother still insists that whatever her daughter does is absolutely right and vows to destroy whoever stands in her daughter's way.
This scenario continues until today, and both the daughter and mother are slowly finding themselves isolated from the neighborhood.
This is not fiction, it is a reality, and by now, you should have guessed who the daughter, the mother, the mayor, and the parents' council are. If you still didn't get it, just look at today's news, their story is everywhere.