Mousa: A Victim of Irresponsible Doctors [Archives:1999/50/Local News]

December 13 1999

The 5-year-old child Mousa Abdulla Al-Yajouri was, like other children of his age, enjoying playing and running here and there. He was dreaming of a beautiful future while his eyes were shining with hope and innocence.
One day Mousa felt a sharp pain in his throat and was taken to Al-Sabeen maternity & pediatric hospital, and there the doctors decided he should have a tonsillectomy. Fate proved to be against Mousa and his poor father. After the operation Mousa remained unconscious for a long time. When he recovered his consciousness it was found that he had become totally paralyzed due to the negligence of the anesthesiologist.
Poor Mousa’s case needs to be cured abroad. But despite the President’s and the Prime Minister’s directives, the ministers of health and finance refuse to send Mousa abroad for treatment. It seems that the only explanation of their stance is that the child is from a poor family and not a son of outstanding personality. Is there anyone who can help this child?