MOWJ Denies Involvement In Terrorist Acts [Archives:2000/11/Local News]

March 13 2000

The London-based Yemeni National Opposition Front (MOWJ) has denied its involvement in the latest incident of kidnapping HE the Polish Ambassador. In a statement published by its office in London, MOWJ has strongly denied having any hand in kidnapping or any other acts of violence “The alleged accusation of involvement of MOWJ and its leader, Abdul Rahman Al-Jifri in a case that it has nothing to do with, reflects the government’s inability to address security and signals deterioration of law and order, undermining individual security,” said the statement.
Furthermore it described the present trend of violence as dangerous and more so because of the government’s inability to unravel the root of the malice

As regards the news of planning for terrorist acts in Yemen, as some official newspapers have reported, MOWJ concluded its statement by saying that it had committed itself to progressive activities based upon peaceful political activities that eschew violence.