MPs intervene to stop tribal conflict between Ibb and Dhamar [Archives:2007/1097/Local News]

October 25 2007

By: Saddam Al-Ashmori
For Yemen Times

IBB, Oct. 23 ) Yemen's Parliament has agreed to form a parliamentary committee headed by Member of Parliament Ali Al-Amrani to investigate an incident in which Al-Hada' locals broke into Ibb governorate's Criminal Investigation prison and killed a local resident under investigation.

The decision came after nearly 200 citizens of Ibb city marched in protest, joined by dignitaries and social figures, including MPs representing Ibb city, who participated to condemn the attack.

Sources told the Yemen Times that armed residents of Dhamar province went to Ibb last Sunday following the murder of Gen. Mohammed Nasser Al-Sa'eedi of Al-Hada' district in a land conflict. They located the perpetrator, father of six Salah A. M. Al-Ra'wi, who had been arrested and was being held at Ibb's Criminal Investigation Prison. They subsequently broke into the prison and killed Al-Ra'wi by stabbing and shooting him.

The source also added that Al-Ra'wi, who was from the village of the same name in Ibb governorate, surrendered to the Jibla district security office after murdering Al-Sa'eedi in a land conflict occurring between them in Ibb.

As a result, security authorities detained numerous Al-Hada' locals, prompting sit-ins to demand their release under the pretext that they took revenge upon the perpetrator.

A statement issued by Al-Hada' locals accused Ibb security bodies, represented by the Criminal Investigation office and prosecution, of attempting to change the evidence and detaining witnesses during verification. It further accused them of falsifying reports and detaining numerous innocent locals from Al-Hada' district.

The secretary-general of Dhamar governorate's local council gave a speech at the governorate's arena declaring that there are presidential directives to form a committee to release the detainees and end the issue. This is in lieu of calming down Al-Hada' tribes and not inciting them to continue conducting sit-ins.