MPs refute commendation for new parliament head [Archives:2003/636/Local News]

May 12 2003

Allawo Corporation for Advocacy has filed a suit with the Supreme Court last Wednesday stating that the current chairmanship of the parliament was elected uncontestedly in apparent violation of the constitution and law, and called for immediate re-election in a rightful way. The establishment also called for not authenticating any discussions that may result in any sort of regulation until the case has been settled.
In the claim it was stated:
“Article no 71 of the constitution states that the parliament in its first session elects from among its members a chairman and three deputies for the chairman all of whom form the chairmanship body. And article no. 13 of the parliament bill states that any debate at the parliament should not be done before election of the chairmanship. Article 14 of the same bill states that voting should always be in secret ballot.”
Five of the new MPs protested the way the elections had been performed where “elections were made on an unopposed rule and this is against the law and against the parliament bill as well”. Hence they retained Allow establishment to file a case in this regard with the Supreme Court and to the Constitutional office on their behalf.
New parliament Speaker Shiekh Abulla bin Hussain Al-Ahmar, the leader of Islah Party told Saudi News Agency that he was not satisfied with the way the elections had been conducted and he preferred them to have been done the right way and in accordance with the constitution and parliament law.
Many lawyers expressed their astonishment at the method of electing the parliament chairmanship body at the first procedural meeting held Saturday before the last. They said the parliament committed a group of violations of the constitution and the law most prominent of which was the way the parliament chairmanship body was chosen by hand-raising and applause in addition manipulating the oath stipulated in the constitution.