Mps Worried About Loans [Archives:2000/34/Local News]

August 21 2000

Thirty MPs raised a memorandum to Speaker of the Parliament, Sheikh Abdullah Ben Hussain Al-Ahmar expressing their worries about expenditure channels of USD 610,690,000 constituting 23 loans received by Yemen from June 1997 to June 2000. They called for addressing shortcomings in implementing programs that loans had been offered for. The memorandum noticed that parts of those loans were spent in violation to loans programs.
Yemeni Files Case Against Emirates Newspaper
Adel Mohammed Hazaa Al-Silwi asserted that he would file a case against the Dubai-based weekly magazine Al-Sada for canceling his prize, a 2000 Mercedes car, after he won it.
Worthnoting is that the Al-Sada magazine published in issue No. 71 of August 6 2000 the name of the Yemeni winner who has also received a phone call from Mr. Mohammed Ben Masaud, member of editors congratulating him and promising to send him the airlines tickets.