Mr. West [Archives:2005/885/Community]

October 13 2005

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When I lie on the left

I don't feel that I am quite in rest

when I lie on the right

I feel that I am in a severe fight

When I lie on the middle way,

I am eager to hug my inspiration's light

Because I forget to see the sunset

That is why I am always fed up and upset?

Mr. West, listen to my simple words

In common sense

As much as I love, as much as I hate

As much as I am so sad, as much as I am so glad

Would you like to ask once more?

How silly your Why is ?

Are not you feeling shameful of your tricks?

God is not a great lie!

And the Motherland is not a merchandise to sell and buy

Mr. West, What is the rest!

To reoccupy

Not only me , but also the butterflies can defend and resist

Think three times before you leap!!!

The Ocean of East is so big and deep

In the first step,

the boat of your thought crashed into a solid rock

You are still in the circle of shock

So, you pay the cost

Whereas, you show off that you are not lost

Before the end

Excuse me Mr. West

Just I wonder, ” Your slogan is Human Rights”


Have you seen who has stolen my history's wealth ?


Who has tried to suffocate my breath?