Mukalla CityBeauty behind veil [Archives:2003/629/Last Page]

March 31 2003

By Hassan Awadh Rubeya
Hadramout University of
Science and technology
Mukalla- Hadramout

A city that is like a beauty behind the veil is the uniqueness of Mukalla City in Yemen. Its geographical strategic location on the Arabian Sea, a port city overlooking the sea and fortified by the series of mountains with the magnificent exceptional castles on the top, marking the Sultan's era.
The beauty emanates from our strong genuine belief in our local wise leadership, such as the governor, under the instruction of the central government hand in hand with the local authority.
Together they disclose the natural beauty, and upgrade the city services up to the modern global standards, while taking into consideration the preservation of historical natural heritage.
Recently the city underwent rapid construction work; Mukalla canal project, road construction, pavements, parks and the renovation of some symbols of the city as part of infrastructure to lure tourism and investors.
While you are in the middle of the city you see the mixture of old tradition through the old mosque minarets, Sultan's palace, forts and some humble symbols which remind you of the past prevailing economic activities as well as modernity. Without a doubt, this city offers countless opportunities for investment and contributes effectively in Yemen economy.
The city had never been a center of religious conflict, cosmopolitan, dynamic, minorities of different background coexisted in harmony and peacefully side by side with the majority of local inhabitants of purely Hadrami Yemen origin.
You sense genuine modesty the culture of tolerance among such a society. The roots of such global culture goes back to the unlimited virtues of moderate Islamic religious teaching (recognized religious Sufi sect centers at Tarim), centers in which students from all over the world received education under the supervision of Islamic scientists.
Also, Hadramis were famous for their early immigration, to the east and west with a high level of flexibility to integrate peacefully in the alien societies.