Muqbil joined Yemeni opposition in USA [Archives:2005/895/Front Page]

November 17 2005


SANA'A- Mr. Hamzah Muqbil, advisor of Al-Dhalei governorate, affirmed his intention to seek political asylum to the US government during the President Saleh's visit to Washington last week. He affirmed that his applying for political asylum is due to the spread of corruption and pressure exerted on the opposition in Yemen and the impossibility of living and working with the present regime. ” I sought political asylum to the US government because I was not able to express my views in my country. The regime could not even stand mere critical writings in the press. Some pressmen have been detained and some others tortured.” Said Muqbil.

Authority sources, however, affirmed that Hamzah Muqbil was not among the official delegation accompanying President Saleh during his visit. ” Such news lack authenticity and aim to create unrest,” said the source.

Meanwhile, Mr.Hamzah Muqbil appeared Monday in “From Washington” program broadcast on Al-Jazeera channel, where he talked about the absence of equal citizenship policy in Yemen.

On the other hand, security authority in Khur Maksar arrested Tuesday the General Director of Chamber of Commerce Mr. Saleh Ali bin Ali. Security authority accused him of adding Hamzah Muqbil to the businessmen delegation accompanying the President during his visit. “I have been a member of the Chamber of Commerce in Lahj since 1998 and that my commercial record is still valid.” Said Muqbil.