Mushayara Organized by the India Embassy Club in Sana’a [Archives:2001/26/Local News]

June 25 2001

Dr. Ramkanta Sahu
On Wednesday evening, 20th June, the India Embassy Club in Sana’a held a mushayara in the auditorium of the India Embassy School. The India Embassy Club is a non-governmental and non-political organization devoted to the task of (i) fostering a spirit of understanding and co-operation among the Indians in Yemen and (ii) providing facilities for cultural and social get-togethers, one of its important tasks being to develop good will and friendship between Yemeni nationals and the Indians working in Yemen. Mushayaras are cordial get-togethers organized for the recitation of poems written in Urdu. Urdu is a language that is spoken by people in India as well as in Pakistan. Urdu poetry is internationally known, among other things, for remarkable couples capable of exercising a kind of magical influence on its audience. Poets both from India and Pakistan have been contributing to the great wealth of poetry in this language and so the poetry in this language has always proved to be a bond of brotherhood and friendship between the peoples of the two countries. So, although this event was organized by the India Embassy Club, poets from Pakistan also enthusiastically participated in this events.
At the outset Prof. A. K. Sharma welcomed the audience to the dynamic togetherness on the gala evening and invited them to feel the throbbing inner voice of the poets.
The sublime rendition of a ghazal by Mr. Ambu Thakur to the accompaniment on the Tabla by Mr. Bhupinder Singh set the tone of the event. The participants who recited poetic renderings pulsating with the quintessential rhythm of life included M/S Ramakanta Jha, Baher Ahmed, Aziz Khan, Nasir Khan, Mrs. Jyotsna Prasad, Dr. Satyarth Tripathy, Rizwan, Noor Ahmed, Vasiwul Hassan, Dr. Rajesh Kumar, and Dr. Anil K. Prasad
The poets from Pakistan who participated included Chaudhary Aziz and Faraz Sultan. Mr. M. S. Suman, the Ambassador of India in Yemen, attended the function as its Chief Guest. To everybody’s admiration, Dr. Manorama Trikha, Professor and Head of the Department of English in Meerut University, (India), performed the task of the compete. Professor D. Thakur, who is the President of the India Embassy Club, presided over this Mushayara. In his presidential remarks towards the end of the event he expressed the hope and wish that such events would lead to an ever-increasing cordiality and togetherness between the people in the two neighboring countries. The mushayara was concluded by a friendly dinner sponsored by Shyamal Chaudhary of Consulting Engineering Services in Sana’a.