My costly commodity [Archives:2006/959/Community]

June 29 2006

Nabil Ahmed Saleh
I say from a loyal heart

My greeting for greedist merchant.

My greeting to all places

And greeting for announcer, place.

After midnight the obsession came to me

After it's separation it came to me.

My heart craves to be drowsy

As far as the accessories obey.

Please please oh school girls,

Transmit the protest in all places

Even the countrysides i see the oppression.

Amonggst the people and they pretend the satisfaction.

If there is a matchmaker out side stay,

The father say “i sold the commodity'',

Becouse my daughter is a pure gold stay,

and gold price always rises suddenly.

I have condition for you a defective condition,

Eight hundred thousand with ring and wrist watch.

There is no problem if you become fond

We will let go the underprivileged.