My Warm Sun [Archives:2006/919/Community]

February 9 2006

By: Fuad Noman
[email protected]

Exactly, at the moment of sunset,

A smart ask I've met

“What is your opinion towards me?”

For her

As my heart can see

In brief is my reply:

If I feel dark,

your moony face is my brightness

If I am so sad,

your existence is my realistic happiness

If I have badly-done,

you are my correct performance

If I am disabled,

you are my sound competence

If I am hopeless,

you are my first confidence

If I am lost,

your soul is my existence

If I am occupied,

you are my final independence

If I am absent-minded,

you are my realistic presence

If I am chained, you are my freedom

If I am prisoned,

your heart is my kingdom

If I am so confused,

you are my clear wisdom

If I am bankrupt,

your mind is my money

If I feel bitter,

your lips are my preferable honey

If my life is hot,

your soft touch makes me sunny

If I feel so bored,

you are my jubilant fun

If I am so cold,

you are my warm sun

If I am homeless,

your heart is my stability

If I am rebel, you are my loyalty

If I am angry, you are my tranquility

If am exiled,

your hugs are my home's identity

If I am thirsty, you are my soft drink

If I am out of reach, you are my fast link

If my pen is empty,

the color of your eyes is my golden ink

If I am deprived, you are my own right

If I am blind you are only my insight