Mysterious Characters [Archives:2004/729/Culture]

April 15 2004

By Lutfi Subet Bajendoh
For the Yemen Times
[email protected]

Most of us like to discover ancient things. Perhaps if you spend many years searching from one place to place and in the end you find a piece of stone on which some writings are engraved by an unknown person, sure we will be glad for your achievement. Some years ago, I used to hear elders talking about certain handwritings whose place only they knew. They did not know the real value of such things. They were always pointing to a certain mountain and just doing nothing. As I grow up, I eagerly wanted to see those mysterious writings, and, one day I decided to do that. I climbed up in a group of four young men. The way was safer than we expected, and fortunately we found the handwriting easily. It was engraved on a big hard rock, yet it was unclear and seemed illegible because it was covered with dust. We brought some water and washed the dust away. Having a pen and some paper, I copied the character. My company was glad and so was I. While I was thinking about the interpretation of these characters, my friends fancied that this thing would lead to the discovery of a treasure. They imagined a big box on which the sign of two bones and a skull was imprinted with treasure inside it, but that was nonsense and we spent a wonderful time and went back home. After that day I tried to get the interpretation of the letters I had copied, but unfortunately, although the letters formed words, these words did not make sense, people in ancient times used languages we do not use now. The letters are shown below:
Dear reader, I admit my failure, and I will be grateful if you would help me in finding the interpretation of the letters above, I am sure this handwriting has not been interpreted yet.