Mysterious Claims about the Future by a Yemeni Astronomer Brought to Yemen Times The Astronomer of Yemen Discloses What’s in Store [Archives:1999/51/Culture]

December 20 1999

Ahmad Mohammed Mahdi Al-Safi is his name. He was born in 1955 and started studying with his father and some other scholars at Bait Al-Fakih at an early age. He was also raised there. His main career has been to treat people who are possessed, those affected by magic or epilepsy. He also foretells ones’ fortune, and what changes might take place in the future through using real sciences which he learned from great and well-known scholars.
“Ali Abdullah Saleh will rule the country for 43 years while Moa’amar Al-Kadafi and Husni Mubarak are in danger. America and Israel are plotting to control the Arab Presidents through giving power to their sons.” said the Yemeni astronomer Ahmad Mohammed Mahdi Amin. This was his prophesy no 99. In this prophesy he foretold what changes will happen in the world till the end of year 2000. He said that these changes are about to take place and are only seen by those who are highly qualified in this field. He said that these changes are bound to occur and that it is only a matter of time. Sometimes a mistake in collecting numbers may lead to a wrong indication of time, for a minute in the astrological system equals a year in our day to day life.
This result is the 99th prophecy that has emerged since they were founded by his grandfather Mahdi Amin in 1321-1376, then he was succeeded by his son Mohammed Mahdi Amin, then Ahmad Mohammed took to this career after his father’s death.
The astronomer Amin said that the secret of his prophesies are derived from the keys that are taken from the letters. Besides he knows how they are dealt with, multiplied, uttered ……… etc. Since this is subject to the science of letters, which are divided into some specific principles and rules, it can not be said that he knows the unknown, for this necessitates that one should depend on some universal tools.
Ahmad Mohammed Mahdi summarized his expectations and prophecies and said that there are so many terrific changes that are going to take place. The coming period, he said, is characterized by a turbulent atmosphere, violent seas, collision of fleets, UFOs colliding with some planets that are burnt, emerging of new planets as well as stars. There are so many other problems, earthquakes, accidents, wars in the South East of Asia, floods in most of European and Asian countries, commotion and famine in some Communist countries, the South of the India. There will be terrible incidents in Cuba, revolutions in Latin America and hard conditions in Malaysia.
The coming period will be characterized by a number of diseases that will spread in many countries; diseases such as Cholera and plague. There will be a number of leaders who will be missed; these leaders are from America, Russia and Britain. There will also be three missing leaders from Africa and five from the Arab countries. Welfare will spread in the Arab countries.” This is what has been expected by the astronomer of Yemen Ahmad Mohammed Mahdi. Beside his being an astronomer, he also treats people who are possessed and who are affected by magic or epilepsy. Mr. Galal Al-Sharabi of Yemen Times filed the following interview:
Q: What are the events that you foresaw and came true?
A: I remember so many prophesies that have happened, the most important among which being the departure of Idira Ghandi and the ex-president of Al-Sudan Al-Nomairi. I have also foretold that the Yemeni reunification would take place and that there would be a secession, war, …. etc.
My father had also prophesied events that took place, including the death of Gamal Abdul Nasser and the death of king Faisal. He also foretold that the republic would take place before the revolution of 26 September. He made this evident in a verse line meaning that Sana’a will take the initiative to declare the Republic.
Q: What are the main factors that you depend on to reach to such prophesies?
A: I base my prophesies upon mathematics, divination, geomancy. That is, I do not make my prophesies randomly, they are rather based upon scientific methods pertaining to mathematics.
Q: What are your main prophesies for the year to come?
A: What I said earlier are my prophesies for 2000. However, my prophesies for what will happen after 2000 is an American as well as Israeli plot to control the Arab countries through giving power to the sons of the current Presidents. This will happen and the first signs for that are the Jordanian King and the Bahrain Sovereign taking control. The other sons are now getting prepared including the son of the President Hafed Al-Asad in Syria, the son of the Emir of Qatar, Sultan Bin Za’ad who is trained by Americans and Israelis to take control after his father. America and Israel are doing this for they believe that the current Arab leaders are still prudent and wise enough that they do not conform to what they are asked to do easily. This is not a mere prophesy, it is rather a scientific fact and to be sure about it one can examine the Monarch’s of Morocco policy which is entirely different from his father’s.
Q: How do you see the Yemeni-American relations?
A: The Yemeni-American relations are developing and getting stronger for the American interests in Yemen are many, especially as Yemen does not tend to anger America. Therefore, disagreements are not expected.
Q: What about the Sudanese-American relations?
A: The American policy in Sudan is oriented to the destruction of Islam. So far it has not been able to prepare a new young president who will adhere to their instructions, therefore it creates many problems. It changes the ruling regime as it wants and when it can not do that it resorts to cannonading, shelling and economic embargo against Sudan and any other country that does not abide by their instructions. This is what’s happening against Iraq and Libya. America itself is controlled by Israel and it follows the Israeli policy.
Q: What are your prophesies in the Palestinian issue?
A: This will never be solved completely for the final solution will happen when Al-Mahdi appears. What is happening currently is an incomplete solution.
Q: Have you ever been attacked or disturbed because of your prophesies?
A: The government is very supportive and encouraging of me. It gives me a license and a salary. The only disturbance and troubles I face is from some political scholars in Yemen and some followers of Masonry who have spread everywhere mainly to distort the image of Islam and disturb Muslims. The disturbance I face from these scholars is mainly because I do not mention them in my books that I issue every year.
Q: Have you ever been visited by any V.I.Ps in the society or they asked your help?
A: Many people are visiting me from all over Yemen. There are some people from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE who visit me either for the sake of treatment or for finding their future.
Q: Some say that you tend to cast some ambiguity on the prophesies you make. What do you say about that?
A: I don’t use ambiguity, but sometimes I become compelled to use a divination symbol for the future of this person and this symbol can be analyzed by any-one who is expert in this science, therefore, ambiguity is not there at all. I resort to that when I find that the future of a person is not that good so I use the equivalent name of that bad thing from divination.
Q: Isn’t this career you are involved in against religion?
A: This is not at all against religion and the only ones who say so are those political scholars. These series have been published for 99 years, since the first one issued by my grandfather, so this means that there has not been any scholar during that time to stop us.
Q: What are your prophesies for the Gulf countries?
A: The Gulf countries’ fortune is known by God and colonization is controlling every part of it.
Q: What about the problem of borders between Yemen and Saudi Arabia?
A: Prophesies show that this problem is going to be solved, however, it needs time and patience. Solving this problem will be in the hands of the rulers of these two countries, that is, there won’t be international arbitration.
Q: What is your comment on the Turkey-Israel Alliance?
A: This Alliance constitutes a disaster for Muslims. Turkey is an Islamic country and it has now come under the control of Israel. The latest earthquakes that took place were just the punishment by God.
Q: How do you see the relations between the PGC, the ruling party and Islah, its ally?
A: They are one party. They agree on things and according to prophesies there are no disagreements among them for they are very much related to each other. They are also the only strong powers in Yemen. The other opposition parties have no affect.
Q: What about your prophesies about the local governance in Yemen?
A: Local governance is a disaster if applied here in Yemen, for this means that sheikhs will be in control over the people. This will also increase tribal conflicts. Prophesies show that this can never be applied here in Yemen. Its application will mean a period of tribal conflicts and wars.
Q: How do you read the future of the following presidents: Ali Abdulah Saleh, Bill Clinton, Husni Mubarak, Ehud Barak, Moa’amer Al-Kadafi, Sadam Husain, Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz?
A: Ali Abdullah Saleh is going to rule Yemen for 43 years and this is what prophesies show and it has been asserted by Mohi Aldin Bin Arabi. Therefore, whatever happens this period is a fact that can never be ignored. And even if the constitution does not allow this, the people will renew their confidence.
Bill Clinton’s term in office is over soon.
I don’t make prophesies for Israel, however, Ehud Barak is better than the previous president.
Husni Mubarak’s fortune is really frightening, for prophesies tell that he will be exposed to many assassination attempts.
Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz’s fortune tells that he is going to die soon. But it seems that his good deeds are postponing his end, which is so close.
Moa’amer Al-Kadafi is another one who will be exposed to many assassination attempts.
Sadam Husain is going to continue ruling Iraq and they won’t be able to oppress him at all. He is the Arab’s leader and still has a lot of power.
Regarding what has happened to the Egyptian airplane, it has been bombed by the American and Israeli Intelligence. This is what I stated before and has been asserted by the Egyptian newspapers.
Q: What is happening these days in Chechnya?
A: Chechnya taking of its independence was rushed. It was supposed to happen in 2000. America has plotted and could entice them to be involved in this war to weaken Russia. The fortune of these people indicates that they are going from bad to worse.
Q: What about Pakistan?
A: Partisan as well as guerrilla problems will continue to occur.
Q: Have any of your prophesies have not come true?
A: None of my prophesies hasn’t come true, but sometimes the fortune may appear late, which is mainly due to some mistakes in the process of collecting numbers. This is so because a minute in this science equals a year in our life and if there is a mistake in collecting numbers then the fortune may come late. For example, in 1979 when there was a war between North and South Yemen, that time was at the beginning of President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s term of office, my father said in his prophesies that there would be a war between the South and the North and that sheikhs would participate in this war. He mentioned this in a long poem in which he stated that there would be a war against Communism which would be solved by combat. He also stated that the governorates, including Abian, Lahj, Aden and Hadramout will be unified together. This war did not happen until 1994 and what he prophesied came true.
Q: What about the separatists?
A: Prophesies show that they have left the country and will never come back. The latest presidential elections were the last hope for their coming back!