Mystery of Adam’s Case Should be Revealed [Archives:2000/28/Focus]

July 10 2000

Tawfeek Al-Sharaabi
Yemen Times, Sanaa
Despite the strict confidentiality imposed by officials who have very often asserted that what has been reported in the media is groundless and false, recent twists and turns in the case of Mohammed Adem Omar, the morgue assistant of the Faculty of Medicine, prove that the media has played a pivotal role in unraveling the intriguing issue which is still shrouded in mystery.
Contradictions are still prevailing even after the German experts’ report was presented to the court. The first translated version of the report indicates that 21 dead bodies were found in the morgue of which two belong to Zainab and Hussn. However, in “Saidati” magazine the German expert is reported to have said that there were 25 dead bodies and not 21 as it appears in the translated version. Now what is the real number?
Another thing to be noted is that there is no reference in the report to the curls of hair found in one of Zainab’s nails which were taken to Germany for test to confirm whether they belong to Adam or anyone else. Nor is there any reference to the fetus found in the morgue.
A part of this mystery is the way in which these two experts were selected without any directive from the court which is supposed to have the final say in the matter.
On the other hand, it’s baffling to see how generously Adam has been changing his confessions every now and then. Noone has bothered to ask what the real reasons behind all this are.
Is it believable that he has the shrewdness to cheat our well-experienced criminal officers who appear like puppets in his hands? or Was this a ploy to divert the course of the case so as to taint the whole case, absorb the massive anger of the people and cover up some hitherto unidentified accomplices.
Now whether or not Adam had a long murky past of butchering human beings, the two crimes of killing Zainab and Hussn, at least confessed by him and confirmed in the German’s experts’ report, are strong evidence to prove that he is a serial murderer.
Many believe that there are some vested interests who are maneuvering to attribute the crimes on Adam alone to scapegoat him to cover up other accomplices.
If we do not assume the truth of the existence of a racket to sell human organs, it stands to reason to assume that there are some corrupt officials in the security apparatus who have connived with Adam using him as a tool to a tool to facilitate the crimes. What supports this is what’s the Iraqi’s girl mother said that once Mohammed Adam came to her flat accompanied by two officers to convince her about his innocence lend credence to this hypothesis. Now who are these two officers and why they are not being mentioned or summoned for trial?
Misgiving about corruption prevailing in the security apparatus are further corroborated by the inhuman way in which they reacted to the repeated supplications by the Iraqi mother who never submitted to their ruthless and often obscene remarks.
An identical case that strengthens this suspicion related to the repeated appeals of Hassan Al-Jarmozi whose daughter “Nuriah” was kidnapped 13 years ago on 12.11.1987. All these years, he has been desperately following the case up, but, to no avail. He was told that his daughter has been unofficially married to a police officer in Taiz. Strangely enough, the whole security apparatus has not yet been able to arrest the so called officer and produce him in the court. Now is this a dependable security apparatus that is shielding its people?!
On the other hand, it is heartbreaking to see the suspicious and stupid ignorance of the faculty officials and their lack of the minimum responsibility who so far have the nerve to hood wink the public about the case. There is no reason to believe that the faculty was not aware of Adam’s nefarious deeds in the campus. One would wonder how he was permitted to work in it even after he was being fired.
The report of the Highest Council of Universities issued on July 3 was shocking. the report condemned the role of the media claiming that it has exaggerated the issue up. The report stated that Adam’s deeds are criminal acts that could happen anywhere and in any other institution. The Council should have acceded to state of corruption that have taken roots in the faculty and that has culminated in these crimes. It should have humbly conceded the ignominy and humiliation suffered by students and the whole of the Yemeni society on account of the crime. It should have done that so as to absorb the massive anger of the people and to rebuild their trust and confidence in these institutions. Many families have already prevented their daughters from going to universities which are no longer considered sacred and safe places. How can our armchair officials heal this up?!
It is true that Adam was of a Sudanese origin. Yet, there is no reason to say that all the Sudanese are like him. Therefore, we should not change our attitude towards them nor should we hold them responsible for his crimes. Lots of people from Sudan have been living in Yemen for a long time as good brothers. Mohammed Adam is an exception that should never reflect on our mutual relationship with the Sudanese as a group of expatriates.