Mystery Unrevealed [Archives:2000/42/Front Page]

October 16 2000

Death toll caused by the explosion in the USS Cole destroyer increased to 17 while the injured were airlifted for treatment at the U.S. military Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany.
General Charles Moore commander of the Fifth fleet arrived in Aden on Friday and visited the USS Cole. Two other warships arrived on the same day to hoist Cole home to avoid its sinking out of water leakage.
While Aden seaport authority still envisaging confidentiality on results saying that investigation is still carried out, official authorities say that they possess a documentary film showing the destroyer since entering the port until the incident took place. They added that the explosion was caused from inside.
Brigadier Mohammed Ali Ibraheem Commander of the naval base in Aden discounted in a press statement suggestions that it was a premeditated incident. He said that primary investigations into the event and damage to the warship and surrounding buildings did not suggest that the incident was deliberate.
An official source in the Yemeni Ministry of Interior denied last Sunday statements made by a spokesman for the U.S. State Department who alleged that inability of Yemeni government to impose its powers on remote areas made Yemen haven for terrorist groups. The same source added that Yemen wasnt and would not be a shelter for terrorists.
Official sources in Aden revealed that President Saleh had met with American Ambassador to Yemen Barbara Bodine and discussed the latest developments.
The new commander of the American Central Command General Franks is scheduled in Yemen for October 20 on his first visit to Yemen.
The Yemen Times correspondent in Aden said that about 100 American investigators had arrived in Aden. American experts had also arrived to repair the destroyer.
More information is expected to be revealed on Sunday evening in a press conference.
At another level, the Yemeni police arrested 25 suspected of having relation with the Cole incident. Sources said they are being interrogated. These suspects include workers in the port in addition to two persons thought of having non-Yemeni citizenships. But this has not been confirmed by the police who did not deny the arrest. It also confirmed that a list of names wanted by the police will be summoned during coming few days. Official sources said the President is closely following up the investigation.