NADIA MUHSIN:   The MYSTERY UNVEILED [Archives:2000/05/Front Page]

January 31 2000

This issue of Yemen Times is a special edition for its tremendously interesting report on a controversial story that has been puzzling thousands of people all around the world. Yemen Times committed itself to revealing the truth in this story. 
Seeking the truth in a story that has been misinterpreted many times, was never an easy task. Nevertheless, Yemen Times made it, and made the first ever interview with the heroine of this story by a Yemeni newspaper about this story. 
It is a story of a girl named Nadia Muhsin whose mother is British of Pakistani origin, and whose father is Muthanna Muhsin, a Yemeni originally from the the governorate of Taiz. 
Nadia along with her sister Zeyne traveled to Yemen from Britain in 1980 when she was 14. She then married a Yemeni man, Samir and stayed in Yemen ever since then. In 1987, Zeyne left her sister and headed to Britain where she continues to live until today. 
Allgations have been told that Nadia has been forced to marry a Yemeni man in an early age of 14 for USD 2,500. Other stories say that she lived a difficult life in the village where she used to bring water from wells, and walk bare footed, and collect wood from trees, and do other tasks of a villager women. The claims continue saying that her mother did not want her to stay and tried her best to get her back to Britain without use. 
In the last few months, we received more than 3,000 requests asking us to interview Nadia and report her conditions to know how she is doing and how true the stories are. 
Based on that, after a lot of efforts, Nadia Muhsin agreed to clarify the truth and enable us to make an extensive interview with her to reveal the truth, which is simply astonishing and amazing. The truth was collected in one report that can signal a turning point for the public’s view point towards this issue that has been attracting international attention for years. 
Turn the pages over to find the most extensive and recent interview with Nadia Muhsin, and know the truth with her own words.. 
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