Najib al-Shaabi Accused of Blackmailing [Archives:2000/35/Local News]

August 28 2000

Mohammed Hamoud al-Matri, chief of the presidency election campaign of the failed candidate Najib Qahtan al-Shaabi, presented a letter of complaint to the Parliaments complaints Committee accusing al-Shaabi of blackmailing him.
Al-Shaabi had claimed to al-Matri that he phoned the President who promised to grant al-Matri an undersecretary degree and a car after endorsing 2000 budget and to appoint him as a permanent committee member.
Al-Matri said that he had been waiting for a year to receive what he had been promised. However, so far he received nothing. He said I was rather accused of being a bodyguard of the president. He also accused me in the Parliament of being a rouge, claiming that I possess some important documents pertaining to his land.
Al-Matri was used to follow up and conduct all the activities pertaining to al-Shaabi election for the presidency. Yemen Times has also complained of not receiving its dues, more than YR 250,000, that Najib Qahtan al-Shaabi has not paid yet in return for the election program and propaganda published in the Yemen Times.
The complaints committee has summoned last Wednesday al-Shaabi for questioning and investigation. No news are yet known.