Naseem Hamed to Box in Libya [Archives:2000/27/Front Page]

July 3 2000

Sources confirmed the readiness of Naseem Hamed, World Boxing Organization’s featherweight world champion, to accept the handsome offer of the Libyan President to organize one of his matches in Libya.
If organized in Libya, the match will be the first ever organized in an Arab country. The Libyan President’s offer, £ 7 million, is far much bigger than all previous offers Naseem has ever been receiving. Besides, it gives Naseem the chance to realize his dream of playing on an Arab land. Naseem’s father has also confirmed the news.
Presenting this offer, Libya wants to take advantage of Naseem’s presence in the country to attract the world’s attention to Libya and to promote Libyans’ interest in boxing game.
Naseem is paying his fullest attention to his Mexican opponent on August 19 which is scheduled to take place in Las Vegas, US.