Naseem vs Kevin: THE BIG FIGHT [Archives:1997/50/Sports]

December 15 1997

At last, the Prince’s dream has come true. He is to defend his featherweight title against the American Kevin Kelly on December 19th in Las Vegas, playing for the first time outside Britain.  
Naseem assured his fans that he will remain the sole champion by defeating Kelly “with a knock out in the third round.” Kevin Kelly is considered one of the most powerful featherweight boxers. He only lost two fights out of the 52 he took part in. Boxing commentators expect this fight to be the most challenging for Naseem. “I know that Kelly is a powerful boxer, but I’ll beat him because I am the best in the world,” said Naseem to American journalists. Large numbers of the Yemeni expatriates in the US started booking their seats already. It is expected that around 50,000 Yemeni and Arab spectators will attend the match.  This match will be a golden opportunity for Naseem to prove his ability in the American rings. Will he on par with boxing greatest champs like Mohammed Ali, Sugar Ray, and others? We’ll have to wait and see.