Nasserite criticizes Yemen-US cooperation [Archives:2003/659/Front Page]

August 14 2003

Mohammed Al-Qadhi
Sana'a, August 12 – The opposition Nasserite Unionist Party (NUP) condemned the Yemeni government's permission to the US to open up offices for F.B.I. in Sana'a.
In a press statement released last Sunday, the NUP considered such facilities and cooperation on part of the government with the US as a real infringement to Yemen's national sovereignty.
It pointed out that the mixing of Yemen's need to crack down on terrorism with the cooperation with the US is received with more public resentment nationwide. The statement stressed that all sorts of cooperation with the US including the opening of offices for F.B.I. to interrogate Yemeni citizens are not acceptable for this violates Yemen's sovereignty. It also said that the way the government deals with terrorism is just a seasonal and selective propaganda far away from a clear vision to establish a state ruled by law and order.
The statement also lashed out at the performance of the government in the light of the prevalence of corruption, lack of security, poverty and a substantial backsliding in the living standard of majority of the people. It also criticized the work of the opposition coalition during election, urging for more solid cooperation between all opposition parties in the coalition.