National Bank President Leaves for Amman [Archives:2001/15/Local News]

April 9 2001

The Yemeni National Bank Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Director-General Abdulrahman Al-Kuhali leaves for the Jordanian capital Amman to take part in the 10th annual conference of the Arab Academy for Financial & Banking Sciences to be held there 7-9 April, 2001 under the motto ” Offering Retail Banking and Financial Products and Services VS Challenges of the New Century”.
In a statement to Yemen Times Mr Al-Kuhali has made it clear that Yemen’s participation in the conference comes in context of contributing to the conference meetings and to benefit from contemporary technology, particularly in banking. He has pointed out that the Yemeni National Bank works hard for enhancing development of its capabilities to keep pace with banking knowledge, sciences, information and technology.