National Chess Team Looks for Financing [Archives:1998/30/Sports]

July 27 1998

The Yemeni Chess Association (YCA) was invited by the International Chess Association (ICA) to participate in the 33rd International Olympic Competitions which will be held in Russia between September 26th and October 13th, 1998. All teams that are members of the ICA are invited to participate in this occasion. If any team does not participate, it will have to pay a penalty of $4,000. Moreover, the ICA will suspend the team’s membership for two years.
Because of that, the YCA management asked the Ministry of Youth and Sport to support the participation of our national chess team and to provide them with all the money they will need.
Talking to the Yemen Times, Abdul-Kareem Al-Odhari, Director of the YCA, said, “The Yemeni chess team has always made a very strong impression in international championships. Despite lack of facilities, our players were able to win many medals in different sport events.”
The Chess Olympics competitions that will be held in Russia in September, are held once every two years. That is why all ICA members must participate. This year, 150 countries will participate in 14 rounds. Every team consists of 5 players, one of them is a substitute player. “We asked for support from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and are waiting for their response. We have also started a n intensive effort in search of other sponsors amongst the private sector.” Al-Odhari said.