National coalition to save mothers’ lives [Archives:2007/1071/Local News]

July 23 2007

SANA'A, July 25 ) The National Coalition for the Safe Motherhood ( NCSM ) aproved the draft law of its project fundamental system in a meeting held in Sana'a , Tuesday , July 24. In the meeting, the NCSM elected the observation and inspection committee which consists of three members and an executive council that consists of 21 members from whom nine members were elected by governmental institutions and authorities.

The participation in the NCSM is based on the voluntary contribution from many various authorities concerned with the motherhood affairs and based on the successful typical model of the White Line coalition for Safe Motherhood.

The coalition which is called “White Strip Coalition for Safe Motherhood” represents an international movement started as an unofficial network and has become recognized as NGO which offers support and resources for the countries members in this coalition. The White Strip Coalition includes members, individuals and organizations, from about 80 countries , out of which 20 States have established the the White Strip Coalition in their countries.

The 2003 medical stastics revealed that the rate of the illnesses, deaths, and mother fatality is considered one of the highest rates in the Arab region. The studies estimate that the rate of the deaths of mothers reaches 365 death cases for 100,000 alive delivery annually. In addition, 38 %of the women deaths rate, in the fertility age ( 14-49 ), happen because of pregnancy and delivery consequences, whereas the death of new born babies is 37 for 1000 alive-born babies annually, which is a relatively big number.

The NCSM is established in order to encourage the efforts exerted to make pregnancy and delivery safe for all women in Yemen and to restrict the rate of deaths and illnesses among mothers and the new borns in accordance with what's stipulated in the national strategies of achieving the millennium development goals, said Dr. Nafisa Al-Jaifi, who is a member in the coalition.

The NCSM tries with the participants to make all mothers and new borns get services and supporting programmes for their rights in health care, safety, and comfortable life.

The NCSM aims to defend the safe motherhood as an essential right of the human rights and to build up local abilities to achieve the aims of the safe motherhood in different levels and to ensure its sustainability. It also aims to consolidate the participation of the individuals, families, communities, organizations, civil society, governmental authorities, and all various sectors and supporters of the NCSM program. The NCSM looks forward for the participation and cooperation with the national, regional, and international arenas in exchanging experties, experiences, and information.