National Conference on Revenge [Archives:2001/43/Local News]

October 22 2001

A national conference on tribal blood feuds is scheduled to take place in Sana’a at the beginning of next November. The conference will discuss issues related to revenge and violence and will be attended by many researchers, academics and social dignitaries. Abdulmalik al-Marwani, chairman of the al-Salam House for Arbitration & Fighting Revenge (organizer of the conference) told the Yemen Times that his organization is an NGO principally involved in fighting tribal blood feud, kidnapping and different forms of violence. Mr. al-Marwani added that the house has successfully settled 87 revenge cases nationwide.
More than 35 research studies were presented at the conference, focusing on the revenge phenomena and its negative aspects on the society as a whole. Following the conclusion of the conference, a training workshop for more than 50 people will be held in order to educate the participants about the calamity of this phenomena and and to develop potential solutions for it.