National Seminar on Intellectual Property concludes [Archives:2004/757/Community]

July 22 2004

The National Seminar on Intellectual Property, organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism with the cooperation of World Intellectual Property Protection Organization (WIPPO) was held during 10-13 July.
The seminar was concluded with the issuance of a number of recommendations confirming the importance of reaching a legal formula to confront the challenges imposed by information technology and the information revolution.
The participants recommended conducting a serious discussion by the related authorities on WIPPO treaties regarding author's rights and verbal recording towards developing legislation that would take into consideration modes of transmission, such as through the internet and digital equipment, available today. They urged accession to the Bern and Paris agreements concerning the protection of art and literature works and industrial property respectively, and to benefit from the advantages the two agreements facilitate and from the technical and technological assistance WIPPO presents.
The participants emphasized the roles of the judicial, security and customs authorities in confronting imitated and fake works through enacting strict measures that would protect authors' rights and industrial property. They recommended encouraging the private sector to invest in research in order to develop the national economy.
The participants also recommended supporting national industries and inventions and to always take into consideration at the time of enacting legislation the protection of plant life, folklore and traditions with the objective of developing the agriculture sector and to protect national heritage. They also recommended including intellectual property in the Yemeni university curriculum, updating the related departments at the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and continuing disseminating intellectual property awareness and education at the related authorities. This would take place at specialized courts, the public prosecution, judicial police and customs.
The participants confirmed the need to formulate a national strategy to be concerned with intellectual property
Mr. Igbal Bhader, undersecretary at the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Mr. Hisham Ali Bin Ali, undersecretary at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Dr. Samr Al-Trawneh, Economic Division counselor at WIPPO's Arab office attended the closing ceremony of the seminar.