National Solidarity Council threatens to sue [Archives:2007/1079/Local News]

August 23 2007

SANA'A, Aug. 22 ) The Chairman of the week-old National Solidarity Council, Hussein Bin Abdullah Al-Ahmar, has accused figures in authority of are lobbying the public to discredit the council.

He also said during a press release held last Sunday in Sana'a that parties-well-known for many- are working on dissociating political powers as well as Yemeni tribes tearing them into pieces so as not to be power balances in the community, according to him.

He also added that the council members are trying to avoid conflicts in the Yemeni community and have no intention of trying to replace any political party. “We are working for the sake of Yemen. We will support whoever is right, regardless affiliation.”

Al-Ahmar denied that the council is supported by external parties